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2004-05-05 - 8:56 p.m.

Nate is changing everyday. He just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and staying awake longer and longer. This is becoming an issue. It seems like the boy never sleeps and when he does it is very fitfull- keeping his parents awake because of it.

Today I did the unthinkable. . . I let him cry! I needed a break and needed to brush my teeth, take a shower and eat. So I fed him, changed him, put him in his bassinet in his room, turned up the music so he could hear it and then left him. He started to cry almost immediately and my heart broke, but I let him cry it out. He cried almost non-stop during the hour I took care of myself and when I finally went in to get him he had reall tears and was sweaty all over. I felt so bad!

On a better note he had his first smile yesterday. Not the lopsided grin he gives when passing gas. I smiled at him and made (loud) noises and he smiled back! We went back and forth for about a half hour and even repeated his smiles for Dan when he got home.

Here are some recent pictures:

Here is Nate sitting in his Baby Einstein Bouncy Chair. This is where he sits when mom is on the computer:

Here is Nate getting to know Cougar. The cats don't really know what to make of Nate. They just pretty much ignore him. . . and me since I smell like him. My constant companions from pregnancy have abandonned me!

Nate likes to sleep on the couch rather than the bassinet. This is a bad habit that we need to break before he can roll over but after struggling for hours to get him to sleep it is a relief when he does. . . no matter where it is at!

Nate has an Acquarium Swing that he likes to sit in. The mobile was broken when we put it together but Dan took it apart and now it works! It goes forwards and backwards as well as side to side!

Nate has become very visual. He loves staring at things and will stare at your face or an object for as long as 15 minutes! I think it is because he is not getting the audio stimulation that his visual stimulation is enhanced. He loves mobiles. He also likes black and white pictures. Dan got these images on line with different shapes and lines on them and he will stare at them non stop.

This picture pretty much sums up the past 6 weeks! Dan and I are pooped!

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